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Very Bad Credit Loans, No Guarantor, Straight from a Direct Lender!

Recent financial tides in the United Kingdom have seen the birth of unsecured loans that can be acquired on the intent with little or no collateral security. These are perhaps one of the only loans that you will get without going through the rigour of vetting and time-wasting bureaucracies. Companies online who act as loan lenders are actively involved in issuing loans for individuals with bad credit (or very bad credit loans). The most fascinating thing about these loans is that you don’t need a guarantor. All you need is to complete the necessary paperwork and before you know it, you are able to access the money in your bank account after an hour’s approval. The paperwork application process to get the money at your disposal needs no guarantor direct lender and is by far less tedious than other forms of loans. All it takes is just a couple of minutes to fill out the necessary details in the applications form.

Very bad credit loans no guarantor via direct lender are popular in the UK and rest assured even with very poor credit scores, you are eligible, and entitled to a loan. These very bad credit loans really serve you well and can fix any money issues within the shortest possible time. It also saves you from the hassle of guarantor loans which require collateral and an individual / third party who is held accountable in the case of payment defaults or other breaches.

money loans

No guarantor direct lender loans usually come with a high APR, but some specialist loan agencies, offer low APR and tailor specifically for individuals with bad credit rate needing a loan. It is advisable to seek very bad credit loans from no guarantor direct lenders online who are under the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). No guarantor loans are also perfect for those hoping to borrow smaller sums of money. They are easy to access, receive, and can help you out in a multitude of ways. Very bad credit loans present an amazing opportunity that saves you from any financial embarrassment, you should bear in mind that these loans have relatively higher interest rates the guarantor loans. Conclusively, very bad credit no guarantor loans are usually very expensive to obtain and become a problem if not paid off on time. On this note however, bad credit no guarantor loans are the best recommendation to save your neck.

Getting loans with a bad credit rating?

If you have been thinking about a loan with bad credit, you will want to be certain that borrowing is your best option before signing on the dotted line.

Many people in UK wonder why you would want to try to obtain a loan with bad credit, but in fact, a poor credit history can be due to many causes that do not reflect poorly on the personal or spending habits of the borrower. In fact, obtaining a loan from https://www.creditpoor.co.uk/, even if your credit history is poor can be a way to turn around your life and make a fresh start. New financial habits are important when you are looking for a better financial future. Don’t let poor credit reports from your past eliminate your opportunities to improve your situation in the future.

To Consolidate Debts

Another reason for obtaining a loan with bad credit is in order to consolidate debts that you may have incurred. These debts can be credit cards over expenditures, bank overdrafts, major medical expenditures or even personal loans from family or friends. Regardless of your reason for incurring the loan in the first place, it may be recommended or necessary to consolidate these debts into one more manageable payment possibly with a better interest rate. By consolidating the debts, the monthly payment cost may be reduced. Even better, the interest rate overall may be reduced.

To Build Equity

A loan with bad credit can be a good idea if you have the opportunity to build equity in your property by doing so. Even with a poor credit history, it can still make good financial sense to improve the value of your home by renovation, remodeling or major repairs on the property. When you increase the value of the home at a rate greater than the cost of the repairs that you put into the home, you have built the equity of your home. Even if you just maintain the market value of the home, that is an accomplishment in today’s markets

To Start a Business

In order to start a business, you sometimes need to take out a loan. Such a loan with bad credit is a hard sell. Yet, it is important to have the financial resources to carry a new business during the first few difficult months to avoid having the new business go under due to lack of financial resources. If you have an idea for a business, the ideal preliminary to starting the business is to clean up your credit, but sometimes that is not possible to do without gaining a loan that can be paid off in good order.

To Improve Your Credit Rating

A loan with bad credit history can actually help you to improve your credit rating in the future. Getting credit improves your credit score and paying off the debt regularly is another way to improve your credit rating. Although you have one bad credit experience, you can still improve and correct the rating where it is not correct. Choosing to be proactive about improving your credit rating can be a very successful way to put yourself in a better financial position for the future. To gain financial benefit and improve your credit picture at the same time is a very appealing package.

What is Credit Score And Why Is It Important?

Do you know about credit score? In a survey conducted by American Bankers’ Association surveys, it was found that less than 42% that is less than half of the total U.S citizens know about their credit score. Knowing a credit score is very important because this will impact how the lenders will lend you the money in the near future. So the main question now is:

What is a Credit score?

Everyone living in the US has a credit history. This is linked to their social security number. This history shows the time when you have taken out a loan or used your credit to make late payments, whether you have defaulted your loan more than once or not. After analysing the above things if it found that you have a bad credit score or in fact no score at all then you may not give a loan by the lender.

A credit score is used by different people for different purposes. Many organisations will look up to your credit score as a standard to measure your credibility. Lenders will look at it to determine how much loan they should give and at what interest rate should the loan be provided at. Insurance agents will link your credit score with the number of claims that they expect you to file. Landlords will look at your score to determine whether they should rent you or not. And also to determine the security deposit amount that you need to pay them beforehand. Even employers will look into your credit score before hiring you.

For all the reasons mentioned above, it is important that you have a valid credit score. If you are applying for loans and other stuff than a credit score of 720 and above is considered a good score while a score of 750 and above is considered as an excellent credit score. This can also vary from the lenders and how they evaluate the consumer’s credit score. There are also multiple sites where you can get your credit score for free.

So how you establish your credit history?

There are many simple ways to get started on establishing your credit history. You can start by getting a secured credit card. For example, if you deposit $200, then you will be charged $200 on the card. For choosing a secured credit card make sure your score is reported to three major credit bureaus. This will make you establish credit with them. Also research about the fees associated with your card and amount that needs to be deposited.

Certain factors might affect your credit score like your bill-paying history, available credit, the period you had them, number of credit amounts, any debts that can be referred to as foreclosures, collection.

How To Save Yourself From Loan Defaulting?

One of the good things about the loan is that it allows multiple repayment options. But to counter this only good is the assistance provided by the lender after the loan has been availed. So, when you are not able to repay the monthly amount of the loan, your loan can become delinquent, and you may be charged with late fees. Even in this scenario, you may be able to save yourself from a loan default. Take the proper steps and contact the loan servicer immediately.

Here are some of the steps to avoid default:

First advice would be to avoid default if possible. For this read all the documents related to your loan agreement carefully. Also, understand the type of loans you are paying. A simple financial tip that everyone should know is that you should not borrow more than what you are required or need and more than what you yourself are expected to pay.

Loan rehabilitation:

Another option to get out of defaulting your loan is the loan rehabilitation. There are different types of loans like direct loans, Perkins loans, FFEL, parent PLUS loans, etc. To make payment for a defaulted FFEL or direct loan, you should agree to the following things in writing: For a loan period of 10 months, make 9 monthly payments. Make this payment within the period of 20 days from the due date. Under this rehabilitation agreement, the initial payment will be same as 15% of your discretionary income. Your payment could be as low as $5, but for that, you need to provide the proper documents of your income. You should not forget to ask for the lower payment.

Federal Perkins loan:

When you have a defaulted federal Perkins loans, you can rehabilitate by making a monthly payment within the 20 days of your due date. This should continue for a period of 9 months. The monthly payment that is required by you to pay is decided by the school for which you have taken out the loan for.

Loan consolidation:

Another option to save yourself from loan defaulting is to consolidate your student loan into a direct consolidated loan. This will allow you to pay off more than one federal student loan at a fixed interest rate. To consolidate the federal student loan into a direct consolidated loan, you should do: Agree to pay the direct consolidated loan under income-driven repayment plan or before you consolidate it to make three consecutive, full monthly, on-time payments on the defaulted loan.

Other loan types:

Defaulted plus loan- If you have obtained a loan for your child as a parent and are required to consolidate a defaulted PLUS loan, then you can only choose the income contingent repayment plan as the income-driven plan.

If you choose the other option of making timely, voluntary, full monthly payments than you can repay the direct consolidated loan under the repayment you are eligible for.

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